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Some of our Key Services for the Newsportal Developments

Key Services

RSS Feed News portals

RSS feeds integration to allow a website to get updates from different news sources in a single news portal. You can build an RSS News portal easily and quickly

Newspaper Design

A well designed newspaper layout will attract more readership and will optimize the newspaper's effectiveness in presenting information

Newspaper Websites

Why sacrifice on your dusty Newspaper websites CMS when you can build a fully automated, SEO, and mobile-friendly exclusive Newspaper website

Newspaper WordPress Website

WordPress News website will enhance every aspect of your newspaper's purpose. Many of its features and design will impress every reader


We can do all these things.

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Design Services

Newsportal website design

Your Newsportal content & layout must be displayed in a professional yet aesthetically pleasing manner, our designers will take care all the design related services for your newsportal

News Designs

News design is the process of arranging content on a newspaper page, according to editorial and graphical guidelines. Main editorial goals include the ordering of news stories by order of importance, while graphical considerations include readability and perfectly balanced

Logo Design

With plenty of news portals and streaming services making it a crowded place, catching the attention of your audiences has never been easier. If you want your news portal content to stand out, you need a brand that will make people stop and stare. We design the perfect logo and brand identity for your news portal business

Newsportal Social Media Designs

In today’s world, digital news portals can only exist with a proper social media presence. Your content will be exclusive and breaking news spread much on social media like Facebook and Twitter than news portals. With the help of our stunning design & easy integration on social media, your content create a large audience in a blink of an eye

Technology Services

Newsportal Development

If you are a start-up or established news channel, a journalist, or a newspaper agency, going digital is the need of the hour. We help you to build advanced news websites, that help you to reach your niche target audience. We take care of your news websites tech stacks and you can take care of your news contents

WordPress News Websites

We help you to create a news website using a WordPress template or custom. This WordPress newspaper website is perfect for news integration, news updates, blogging and excellent for e-commerce, store or magazine. It supports videos from YouTube. WordPress newspaper websites will be fast loading

Newsportal Mobile Apps

We build Newsportal mobile apps that are appealing and user-friendly. The mobile app can be Integrated with your News Website, Push notifications and breaking news alerts, category-wise filter, content Sharing option on different social media platforms, Attractive design, monetization focused, and user-friendly

RSS feed Newsportal Developments

RSS feeds can be better used for news portal developments, news headlines, episodes of audio and video series, and podcasts. It’s an excellent alternative to social media. you can use RSS feeds if you want the news and articles to be connected with your news portal website

Marketing Services

Newsportal seo

News sites function a little differently than many other types of sites so this also applies in the case of Newsportal Websites SEO. So SEO for news sites is unique, simply putting your news content doesn't guarantee or index on Search Engines Traffic. We have a niche of expertise to promote Newsportals websites

Newsportal Social Media Marketing

Social media leads to a large exposure for your stories and can help lead people to visit your website. This generates more views and that leads to new subscriptions. We help you to Combine a perfect blend of social media marketing strategy along with mobile marketing and that will create more visitors to your Newsportal and ROI

Our Service Packages

Our services pricing strategy is simple and straight
"We never charge our customers a penny more than the true value of the service they are getting"

Website Design (Basic)

  • Domain + 500 MB Hosting Server Space + 5 Email IDs
  • Upto 10 Pages Design
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • WordPress CMS (Optional)
  • Ecommerce Functionality (Optional)
  • SSL Certificate

SEO (Basic)

  • 10 Keywords & 10 Page SEO Optimization
  • Website Analysis Report
  • Keyword Research
  • Title Tag & Meta Descriptions
  • Content Optimization, Link Building, XML Sitemap
  • Google Webmaster, My business, Analytics Setup
  • Monthly SEO Reports

Digital Marketing (Basic)

  • Website Audit (10 Pages)
  • 10 Keywords SEO
  • PPC Campaign (Up to 5)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing (Optional)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Designs(5 Posts Per Month)