Case Study: Kerala Digital Marketing Agency Helps Ambit Automation Achieve Top Rankings for Course-Related Keywords

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Ambit Automation is a leading institution in Kerala that provides job-oriented short-term courses in various fields, including oil and gas, logistics, industrial automation, embedded systems, NDT, QA/QC piping, data science, and more. The institution approached Kerala Digital Marketing Agency to help them achieve top rankings for their primary and secondary course-related keywords.


Kerala Digital Marketing Agency divided the SEO strategy into on-page and off-page promotion for individual course-related keywords. The first step was to conduct keyword research to identify the primary and secondary course-related keywords, geography-related keywords, and long-tail keywords. After finalizing the keywords, the agency optimized the existing content on Ambit Automation’s website and revamped it to match the selected keywords.


Kerala Digital Marketing Agency worked on meta titles and descriptions to match with the keywords and contents. Then, a blog page was implemented to promote the content optimization activities, and articles were created on LinkedIn and Medium to support the content promotion strategy. The agency also optimized Ambit Automation’s Google Business page and posted content in business posts. Interlinking and backlinking were done from all the content sources. In addition, off-page activities such as blog commenting, social bookmarking, and link building were carried out continuously.

SEO Strategies & Methods Used

Measurement and tracking: It’s important to mention that we used various tools and techniques to measure and track the progress of the SEO campaign. This included tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush. We also used custom reporting to provide the client with regular updates on their rankings, traffic, and other relevant metrics.
Local SEO: Since the client was based in Kerala and primarily targeting local customers, we also focused on local SEO. This involved optimizing their Google My Business profile, creating local business listings, and ensuring that their website was optimized for local search queries.
Ongoing optimization: It’s worth noting that SEO is an ongoing process and requires constant optimization and refinement. We continued to work with the client on an ongoing basis to identify new opportunities, refine our strategy, and stay ahead of the competition.
Competitor analysis: To gain a competitive advantage for Ambit Automation, we conducted a thorough analysis of their competitors’ websites and SEO strategies. This helped us identify areas of opportunity and areas where the client was falling behind. We used tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to analyze competitors’ backlinks, keywords, and content strategies.

Based on this analysis, we were able to develop a more targeted SEO strategy that focused on the areas where the client had the most potential to outrank their competitors. This included identifying and targeting long-tail keywords, optimizing content for local search, and building high-quality backlinks from relevant websites.


After implementing the SEO strategy, every month, each course-related keyword improved and produced great rankings for the keywords. Some of the keywords that ranked well are “diploma in logistics,” “pg diploma in logistics,” “oil and gas courses,” “oil and gas training,” “oil and gas institute,” “logistics course Kerala,” “logistics institute,” “best logistics training,” “job-guaranteed courses,” “automation courses,” and more.


Ambit Automation has experienced a significant increase in organic hits/visitors to their website, resulting in more enquiries and admissions to their courses. They have reduced their reliance on paid activities and are now focusing solely on organic results. The SEO campaign has been a great success, with Ambit Automation achieving top rankings for course-related keywords and improving their online visibility significantly.


Kerala Digital Marketing Agency has helped Ambit Automation achieve top rankings for their course-related keywords and improve their online visibility. The agency’s SEO strategy, which included on-page and off-page promotion, produced excellent results, with every course-related keyword improving every month. With more organic hits/visitors to their website, Ambit Automation is converting more visitors into enquiries and admissions to their courses. The SEO campaign has been a great success, and Ambit Automation is now benefiting from the increased visibility and organic traffic to their website.