Our monthly SEO package offers a comprehensive range of services to boost your online presence and drive organic growth. With a dedicated 40 hours of expert attention, we ensure your website receives the attention it deserves. Our package includes the following services: Our Monthly SEO Package cost / Pricing starts from Rs.25,000/- Per month or $300 Per Month.

On-Page SEO for Main Pages: We optimize your website’s main pages, ensuring they are fully optimized for search engines and target relevant keywords.
Local Keywords Research and Keyword-Focused Landing Page Creations: We perform in-depth research to identify local keywords that will attract your target audience. We create keyword-focused landing pages to drive targeted traffic.
Local Landing Page Content Planning and Optimization: Our experts develop a strategic content plan for your local landing pages, optimizing them for maximum visibility and engagement.
Complete Website Audit and Suggestions: We conduct a thorough website audit, identifying any technical issues and providing actionable suggestions for improvement.
Content Marketing: We plan and create compelling content, including articles and blog posts, to attract and engage your audience. We also assist in placing this content on relevant platforms.
Overall Website SEO Health Monitoring and Reporting: We continuously monitor the health of your website’s SEO, providing regular reports to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
Google Local Business SEO: We optimize your Google Local Business page, ensuring it appears prominently in local search results. We also post relevant content to enhance its visibility.
LinkedIn Profile Management and Article Posting: We manage your LinkedIn profile, including posting three articles per month to showcase your expertise and attract a professional audience.
Google Analytics: We configure Google Analytics for your website, providing comprehensive reporting and ongoing maintenance to track key metrics and performance.
Technical SEO and Rich Snippets: We implement technical SEO best practices, including adding rich snippets, to enhance your website’s visibility and user experience.
Local Backlink Building: We acquire backlinks from local websites, directories, and blogs to improve your website’s authority and local search rankings.
Blog/Article Content Creation and Updates: We create and update three blog articles per month, providing valuable content to engage your audience and improve search rankings.

Monthly SEO Delivery Items:

SEO Reports and Analytics Reports, including keyword ranking report, performance report, and monthly job report.
Google Local Business page updations.
Blog/Article/LinkedIn post contents: Nine pieces of content, each with a maximum of 350 words.
Off-Page/Link Building Activity Report.
Local Keywords Focused Landing Pages.
Article Submission Report.
Focused Primary Keywords per Month: Five targeted primary keywords.

Excluded Items:

Website content for local keyword-focused pages.
Any paid backlink services.
Any paid article submission services.
Any paid advertisement costs.

With our monthly SEO package, you can expect increased visibility, improved search rankings, and a stronger online presence. Contact us today to discuss pricing options and start driving meaningful results for your project.