Monthly SEO Package

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Monthly SEO Package: Enhance Your Online Presence and Drive Organic Growth

Are you looking to boost your website’s visibility and attract more organic traffic? Our monthly SEO package is designed to deliver exceptional results. With a dedicated team of experts, we provide 40 hours of focused attention to optimize your website and drive sustainable growth. Let’s dive into the comprehensive services included in our package:

On-Page SEO for Main Pages

We optimize your website’s main pages, ensuring they are fully optimized for search engines and strategically target relevant keywords. This optimization boosts your website’s visibility and improves its chances of ranking higher in search results.

Local Keywords Research and Keyword-Focused Landing Page Creations

Our team performs in-depth research to identify local keywords that resonate with your target audience. We then create keyword-focused landing pages that are designed to attract targeted traffic and drive conversions.

Local Landing Page Content Planning and Optimization

Our experts develop a tailored content plan for your local landing pages, ensuring they are optimized to maximize visibility and engagement. This strategic approach helps establish your website as an authority in your local market.

Complete Website Audit and Suggestions

We conduct a comprehensive audit of your website, meticulously identifying any technical issues that may be affecting its performance. Based on the audit findings, we provide actionable suggestions to enhance your website’s functionality and user experience.

Content Marketing

Our team plans and creates compelling content, including articles and blog posts, that captivate and engage your audience. We also assist in placing this content on relevant platforms to expand your reach and attract more visitors.

Overall Website SEO Health Monitoring and Reporting

We continuously monitor the health of your website’s SEO, tracking key metrics and providing regular reports. This enables us to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your website further.

Google Local Business SEO

We optimize your Google Local Business page, ensuring it appears prominently in local search results. Additionally, we post relevant content that enhances its visibility and helps you connect with potential customers in your area.

LinkedIn Profile Management and Article Posting

Our experts manage your LinkedIn profile, showcasing your expertise and attracting a professional audience. We publish three articles per month on your behalf, leveraging LinkedIn’s platform to establish thought leadership and drive engagement.

Google Analytics

We configure Google Analytics for your website, enabling comprehensive reporting on key metrics and performance. With this valuable data, we provide insights and ongoing maintenance to ensure your website is continuously optimized.

Technical SEO and Rich Snippets

Our team implements best practices in technical SEO, including the addition of rich snippets. This enhances your website’s visibility in search results and improves the user experience, ultimately driving more organic traffic.

Local Backlink Building

We acquire high-quality backlinks from local websites, directories, and blogs, strengthening your website’s authority and boosting its rankings in local search results. These relevant and reputable backlinks help establish trust and credibility for your online presence.

Blog/Article Content Creation and Updates

Our skilled content creators develop three blog articles per month, providing valuable information to engage your audience and improve search rankings. By consistently updating your blog with fresh content, we help drive organic traffic and establish your website as a go-to resource in your industry.

Monthly SEO Delivery Items:

To keep you informed about the progress of our efforts, we provide monthly deliverables, including:

SEO Reports and Analytics Reports: These reports include a keyword ranking report, performance report, and a comprehensive monthly job report.
Google Local Business page updations: We ensure your Google Local Business page is regularly updated with the latest information and optimized for maximum visibility.
Blog/Article/LinkedIn post contents: You’ll receive nine pieces of high-quality content, each with a maximum word count of 350 words, to fuel your online presence.
Off-Page/Link Building Activity Report: We provide a detailed report on the off-page activities and link building efforts we undertake to improve your website’s authority and visibility.
Local Keywords Focused Landing Pages: Our team creates and optimizes landing pages that target local keywords, improving your website’s relevance in local search results.
Article Submission Report: We present a report detailing the submissions of your articles to various platforms, expanding your reach and attracting a wider audience.
Focused Primary Keywords per Month: We target five primary keywords each month, strategically aligning them with your SEO campaign to maximize effectiveness.

Excluded Items:

While we offer a comprehensive range of services, please note that the following items are not included in our package:

Website content for local keyword-focused pages
Any paid backlink services
Any paid article submission services
Any paid advertisement costs

By opting for our monthly SEO package, you can expect a significant improvement in your website’s visibility, search rankings, and overall online presence. Our team of experts is ready to tailor a package that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss pricing options and get started on driving meaningful results for your project.