What SEO Package is Best Suitable?

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Choosing the right SEO package is crucial for achieving your digital marketing goals. At Kerala Digital Marketing Agency, we offer two distinct packages to cater to varying business needs and objectives: a 3-month SEO package and a monthly SEO package. Let’s delve into the details of each package and explore which one is the best fit for different businesses.

3-Month SEO Package: Our 3-month SEO strategy is designed for businesses looking to lay a robust foundation for organic growth. It encompasses a comprehensive approach that includes technical optimization, content development, and link building. Here’s a breakdown of what this package entails:

Month 1 – SEO Plan:

  • SEO Audit: Identifying technical issues and enhancing overall website health.
  • Current Rankings Evaluation: Understanding your website’s visibility and performance.
  • Keyword Optimization: Strategically optimizing on-page elements for target keywords.
  • Keyword Research: Identifying valuable keywords with low competition.

Month 2 – SEO Plan:

  • Content Creation: Enhancing existing content and creating new, in-depth articles.
  • Backlink Prospecting: Acquiring quality backlinks from reputable websites.
  • Update Current Backlinks: Ensuring a seamless transition during rebranding.

Month 3 – SEO Plan:

  • Continued Content Production: Publishing additional articles and interlinking for better user experience.
  • Acquire New Backlinks: Targeting relevant sources for quality backlinks.
  • Review and Monitor Results: Tracking keyword rankings, organic traffic, and making necessary adjustments.

This 3-month package is ideal for businesses seeking a strong SEO foundation and noticeable improvements in a relatively short timeframe. It’s particularly beneficial for startups, e-commerce ventures, and businesses aiming to address immediate SEO issues. Visit our 3 Month SEO Package herehttps://www.keraladigitalmarketing.com/3-month-seo-package/

Monthly SEO Package: Our monthly SEO package offers ongoing, sustained efforts to maintain and enhance your online presence. It’s suitable for businesses committed to long-term organic growth. Here’s what’s included in this package:

  • On-Page SEO for Main Pages: Ensuring ongoing optimization of key website pages.
  • Local Keywords Research and Keyword-Focused Landing Page Creations: Targeting local keywords for specific audiences.
  • Local Landing Page Content Planning and Optimization: Strategically optimizing local landing pages.
  • Complete Website Audit and Suggestions: Continuously identifying and addressing technical issues.
  • Content Marketing: Regular creation and placement of engaging content.
  • Overall Website SEO Health Monitoring and Reporting: Providing constant monitoring and reporting.
  • Google Local Business SEO: Optimizing your Google Local Business page.
  • LinkedIn Profile Management and Article Posting: Managing your LinkedIn profile and posting articles.
  • Google Analytics: Configuring Google Analytics for comprehensive reporting.
  • Technical SEO and Rich Snippets: Implementing technical SEO practices.
  • Local Backlink Building: Acquiring local backlinks to boost authority.
  • Blog/Article Content Creation and Updates: Creating and updating blog content.

Our monthly SEO package is ideal for businesses committed to long-term organic success. It’s particularly beneficial for established companies, real estate ventures, and healthcare providers who want to maintain a strong online presence. Visit our Monthly SEO Package Here https://www.keraladigitalmarketing.com/monthly-seo-package/

The choice between the 3-month SEO package and the monthly SEO package depends on your business goals and timeline. The 3-month package provides a strong initial boost, while the monthly package ensures continuous organic growth. For the best results, we recommend starting with the 3-month package to establish a solid foundation and then transitioning to the monthly package for ongoing, sustained success. Contact us today to discuss which package aligns with your specific business objectives.